Why great photography is more important than ever for your restaurant

Do you have you arsenal of images to stand out on social media in times of a lockdown? Photographer Karol Wyszynski explains why it’s important the images you put out match up to the quality of your food.

I’ve recently run into an article recently stating that people with poor profile pictures are mostly ignored on dating sites. The same applies to any media campaign. 

The image has ruled the world ever since photography was invented. 

In these times of digital revolution with a massive push for mobile photography and the constantly increasing role that social media plays in our lives, images hold much more power.

Data says it all. Posts with images have 37% more engagement on Facebook. According to other statistics, photos which are posted are likely to have 2.3 times more engagement than text or links. 

This was all before we had the Covid19 situation. Now the battle for the customer entirely has moved to the virtual world and content is needed more than ever. 

Restaurants, microbreweries and other establishments are quickly moving their services online by creating website shops, thinking about how they can punch through the large pool of competitors with their offers. 

As a photographer, I like smaller clients. I like places with a soul and heart. Small and independent means it has a relationship with its community and customers. All those factors are very important for tailoring a good online strategy. 

Let’s look at some more data; 
95 million pictures are posted on Instagram daily. How do you win with yours?

You want good images. If you take them and don’t have good light, or don’t know much about composition among other factors, it will hurt your brand- you will become that dating profile with bad pictures that nobody interacts with or wants to associate with. 

‘Posts with images have 37% more engagement on Facebook. According to other statistics, photos which are posted are likely to have 2.3 times more engagement than text or links.’

‘Associate’ is a keyword. People don’t just want to have good food delivered or receive a pretty product with a good design. People also want to be part of something and by purchasing a product they invest in this. It’s the idea behind why influencers associate themselves with products, and why brands often have an ethos or brand values. When I photograph an establishment I like to portray the chef, the owner and the service. I want to tell the story. A story that the customers can and will be part of. 


A story of a place, of people and food. This is part of why Netflix’s documentaries about food and restaurants are so popular; they personalise the product with the way that it is shown.

First of all, don’t use stock images. They are not genuine, might cost you more and they falsely advertise a unique establishment.

Get a professional photographer and talk with him. As a photographer, I need to know what an establishment is trying to achieve- Photographers will do the job but getting a good brief will increase the quality of the outcome.

This doesn’t mean you manage every image the photographer takes, but you need to communicate what your brand is about in order to reach your customer base. Is it a homey, warm and caring business selling traditional dishes or something more on the edge, dynamic and aimed at a younger demographic? All this information will enable the photographer to produce an appropriate style and edit of images. This way you will have exclusive and genuine content that nobody has and your customers can relate to. 

Photography sends a powerful visual message, sending many coded pieces of information which are retained by the viewer.
People only remember 10% of the new knowledge they absorb after 3 days but if the information is supported by the image we have a boost to 63%.

The current pandemic has and will change the way we live and operate. I think more than ever the role of professional photographers is important not only as photographers but also as social media content creator and marketing advisors. 

Personally I’m a part of and work with many marketing agencies and push any campaign where my images are involved since I believe it is a team effort. 

The biggest challenge business owners face now is how to
transport that restaurant experience to our homes and we photographers can help. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.
[email protected]  07704521349

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