Richard Sullock

From humble beginnings in a Knaresborough pub, BadCo Brewery have combined a passion for craft beer with marketing and brewing expertise to create one of the fastest growing brands in the North, to create globally award winning brands and one of the fastest growing brands in the UK craft scene.

What’s the story behind BadCo?
BAD Co. or Brewing and Distilling Company was conceived over a beer in a pub called Blind Jacks in Knaresborough. The landlord was a foreward thinking amateur brewer that took his inspiration from the North American craft beer scene. His passion and experience for producing great beer impressed our owner David Brown, leading to an investment. In 2014, BAD Co. was born when the brewery started production at our current site in Dishforth, North Yorkshire. The landlord became our Head of Brewing & Innovation; allowing him to continuing with his passion and drive for amazing craft beer.

What’s the secret to brewing a good beer?
The secret to brewing great beer is to keep it simple. Use great quality ingredients; stay true to the recipe or style and finally be relentless about quality and consistency.

The real ale/craft beer scene has been through a huge surge in popularity over the past five years, why do you think that is and do you see that growth continuing?
UK Statistics show that people are drinking less beer volume and drinking on fewer occasions than they ever used to.
However, craft beer is in growth because it is perceived to be more interesting and exciting than the traditional big beer brands. It offers amazing aroma’s, fantastic flavours and on the whole, a great drinker experience.
BAD Co. craft beers are really appealing to drinkers because the aromas and flavours are interesting but not too challenging and the range in alcohol strength means that they can be enjoyed on any occasion.
The level of consumption of beer in the UK will continue to decline due to health and other social reasons; but more drinkers will choose to experiment in the craft category because it offers more than the traditional ‘big’ brands.

You’ve been doing a lot of collaborations recently, how important is that in driving creativity?
Collaborations between breweries is very trendy at present. It allows a brewery to step out of their core range and experiment with different styles; keeping ranges relevant and fresh. BAD Co.’s limited edition range called ‘Off-Tempo’ will offer new and exciting beer styles!

What sort of relationship do you have with local pubs and bars and how do you think the ale scene is performing in Harrogate at the moment?
BAD Co. Beer is stocked by major supermarkets and national pub chains, but we are also very passionate about supplying our fantastic beer to the local region. We are keen to offer the best local service and we truly value all of our customers. That is why we have a dedicated sales team to visit local pubs and support their business. Businesses can contact us via social media or through our website on
I am also delighted to say that Harrogate is in a really good place right now. The craft scene is growing with some really good pubs and bars for all ages. Drinkers no longer have to go out of Harrogate to the urban centres of Leeds and York to find exciting bars and craft beer- they can find them right here!

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