Luke Derbyshire

JG Bellerby supply local produce to some of Harrogate’s best-loved food and drink businesses. Luke discusses the importance of keeping it local.

What do you specialise in and who do you work with?

We’re specialists when it comes to anything dairy. From milks to cheeses we’ve got you covered – we’ve also got you covered for everything in-between too! We have a Ripon hub which is our fresh fruit and vegetable site.

We source as many of our products as possible locally, so that means we’re dealing with local farmers and producers to get everyone the best Yorkshire produce. 

What makes a good cheese?

I suppose this really depends on what you’re using it for – personally I love a bit of Olde York by Shepherds Purse with crackers. It’s a delightly creamy cheese made from ewes’ milk and the best part is – it’s made locally in Thirsk!

However if you want to do something a little different try adding Harrogate Blue to your mashed potato – it’s divine! 

What is the ethos behind JG Bellerby? 

The ethos of JG Bellerby is simple – to support the local businesses with the highest quality local produce at the right prices. One thing we believe in is customer service and anyone who is already served by us knows just how far we will go to make sure our customers are happy. Dealing so locally means that our customers get a much more intimate relationship with us than if they used a bigger foodservice wholesaler. 

How important is it to support local producers?

Supporting local producers is something that we’re extremely passionate about. Not only does it mean that your food is fresher, it also has a huge reduction in food miles meaning it’s greener for the environment. It keeps us in touch with the seasons and we believe it’s purer given that it isn’t tampered with or contaminated before it gets to your kitchen! 

What are your thoughts on the food and drink scene in Harrogate? Do you have any favorites?

We’ve got a great scene as far as independents are concerned, but unfortunately of late we’re seeing too many chains coming into the town. It’s such a shame – to source such good quality local produce and to compete with chain prices just isn’t possible for many. Personally I’m a sucker for William & Victoria, Cold Bath Deli which only opened recently, and I’ve been known to have a sandwich or two from Baltzersens.

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