We're launching a digital magazine to help support food & drink businesses affected by Corona Virus

As publishers of food & drink guides we have been hit hard by the lock down situation. We’ve had to put all our publications on hold (can’t wait to start the 2020 guides!) and as we haven’t qualified for any grant schemes, Eat Drink Guides has taken a big hit.

But we are determined not to lose what we have built up over the last few years and hopefully many of you will have noticed the work we have done to support restaurants, cafes and bars during lock down through our social media and on our website.
We have been inspired by the spirit and ingenuity shown by so many food and drink businesses to adapt to the situation and find different ways to operate.
So we are looking to launch a special edition digital magazine, creating a platform for all the businesses who have supported our guides to share what they are doing to keep going during lock down and beyond. 
The magazine will cover Bradford, Harrogate, Ilkley and Huddersfield and we will be calling on our friends and influencers across these areas to help spread the magazine to as big an audience as possible.
It will include a mixture of interviews, guest columns, round-ups by area and a business directory with URL links to featured businesses and a significant social media campaign.
We will not be charging anyone to be featured in the magazine but we will be creating a platform for people to make donations to help support the writers, designers and illustrators who will be putting it together. 
For any restaurant, cafe, bar or local producer who would like to feature in this magazine, we encourage you to contact us by the 4 May and let us know how your business has been affected.  
If any business or organisation would like to support what we are doing or sponsor the magazine please also get in touch by 4 May to let us know how you’d like to help.
Like everybody else we will need to see how the situation develops over coming months before we can make any firm announcements regarding our 2020 printed guides, but we hope to be able to publish these sometime in the early autumn. 
We think the appetite and need for our guides will be greater than ever post-Covid and we hope these can be a useful tool for any food and drink business looking to bounce back after such a difficult year. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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We’re launching a digital magazine to help food & drink businesses affected by Corona Virus

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