Adam Townsley

The executive chef at Bistro Pierre on how contemporary French cooking can combine classic influences and modern techniques.

Can you tell us a bit about your role at Bistrot Pierre?

My role as executive chef is to work on the development, production and rollout of new menus across all restaurants in the Bistrot Pierre family. 

When we work on developing a new seasonal menu we approach it from a range of angles. Our client base is always at the heart of what we do, so we take time to consider what they want from a visit to Bistrot Pierre. This includes consulting feedback from customers through our FeeditBack software and Mon Pierre app. From this we then set clear objectives on where we want to take each menu, based on that feedback and the current food trends – and of course the season. 

Where did you train and how does that influence what you are doing now?

I worked in France for almost five years, and I am also very familiar with the flavours of South East Asia as I used to live there. My personal experience – combined with the reasons people eat out – has had a heavy influence on the menus I work on. 

Our customers love to travel and enjoy authentic dishes. They crave the flavours and dishes they enjoyed in France and other countries, and I hope to reignite that holiday experience by conjuring up those happy memories during visits to Bistrot Pierre.

What makes French cooking and French produce so special?

At Bistrot Pierre we are passionate about bringing our customers simple and delicious French cooking and our spring menu does that with a mix of modern techniques and some French colonial influences. 

By introducing Vietnamese and Moroccan flavours to traditional French dishes – such as Japanese radish – we are adding more freshness, textures and flavours to dishes. 

Whilst we have introduced these changes to our menu, it doesn’t take away from the fact that we are at heart a French bistrot. We have focussed on taking the traditional French dishes that people enjoy eating, and introducing new flavours to ensure our customers enjoy their dining experience with us every time.

What is your favourite dish on the menu?

Our hearty meat dishes are always the most popular with diners across all bistrots. Our much-loved Boeuf Bourguignon Maison is a delicious braised beef stew with shallots, red wine, mushrooms and bacon. It’s stayed on the menu for years, even through the summer months, it’s that popular. I have to say this is one of my favourites too.

What are your thoughts on the food and drink scene in Harrogate at the moment and how do you see Bistrot Pierre fitting into that?

Bistrot Pierre Harrogate is firmly engrained in the vibrant food and drink scene in the town. The restaurant industry is constantly changing and, as an established restaurant, it’s important that we’re able to adapt and ensure that our offering is relevant and suitable for the modern market.

Bistrot Pierre is celebrating its eighth birthday this year and we’re looking forward to the next best part of a decade in Harrogate, continuing to welcome our loyal diners back to try something new from our exciting seasonal menus. 

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